With the advanced technology now, all derogatory comments are open for the world to see and find. Anything that is said or posted shows their opinions and beliefs, this can create a "online reputation" which any collages, schools and future jobs can find. Cyberbullying will affect not only the victim but the bully. Some major effects can include:
Tireless- Most platforms are going 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, leaving people without any comfort.
Permanent: Most cyberbullying can never be erased, leaving the children to suffer longer. Cyber Bullying also leaves a negative online profile, which can impact your life in a big way.
Discreet: Adults may not notice cyberbullying, because it is more discreet and only noticeable for kids (usually)
The effects of Cyberbulling go much further than these effects though. Many children turn to drugs and substance abuse. Others also attempt suicide all because of cyberbulling. Depression is also very common among people who are bullied online.